Together, All the Way

‘Forget everything you think you know about Maersk and start from the ground up.’ This was the final request from Maersk as they presented a provocative concept for a film they wanted completed by summer 2020. ‘Together, All the Way’ went into pre-production just two weeks before the world closed down due to Covid restrictions. Inspired by the special use in Childish Gambino’s This is America video, as well as the upbeat, spoken word text of Broadway’s smash hit Hamilton, UK director Malcolm Green wrote and directed a corporate music video which challenged old stereotypes and consequently shocked. However, representing Maersk employees in an internal film (which includes nearly 80,000 people in 116 countries around the world) is not easy when you can’t travel, so we brought ‘the world’ into a London warehouse during 5 days of shooting under strict Covid protocols. The film is also produced in a variety of short formats for SoMe related to specific themes.

Director: Malcolm Green
Producer: Deborah Bayer Marlow, CFC
Production Service CO: Untold Studios UK
UPM: Mike Heath
Cinematographer: David Wright
Music: Kevin Pollard
Performer: Meloné M’kenzy
Editor: Toby
VFX Supervisor: Ahmed El-Azma